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Travel funding

Ryerson journalism students may apply for a travel grant to complete a major project or assignment. Student must apply in writing, giving details of the reporting assignment and how the proposed travel will benefit the work along with a detailed budget sheet. Applications are made to Aseel Kafil, Manager of Administration, with written support from a journalism instructor

Travel will be in accordance with Ryerson's research travel policies. After completion of the assignment, a copy of the resulting work should be submitted to Aseel kafil and will be archived.

Normally, grants are in the $250-$750 range, but exceptions can be considered on merit where allowed by availability of funds and anticipated needs.

Higher amounts will be considered under special circumstances and for remote locations, but your instructor/supervisor must address this need specifically in recommending the proposal. Please note that:

  • Receipts must be supplied for all expenses.
  • Ryerson's travel policy will apply to all grants.

Checklist and process for applying for travel funding:

Step 1: Before travel:

google formApply in writing for a travel grant, external link by describing details of the reporting assignment and how the travel will benefit the project/assignment. You must also include a detailed budget sheet.

The proposal should contain:            

  • A description of the story. What made you choose to pursue this story?
  • How would this funding assist you in furthering your studies or project?
  • A description of where, when and why you need to travel
  • A detailed budget (transportation, accommodation, conference fees, etc. Food costs will normally NOT be covered.)

Fill in the google formApplication for RSJ student travel funding, external link and submit a copy of the proposal to your instructor who will review the proposal and add a note to express support. Your instructor should then send the application and email to and

Step 2: When you travel:

In order to be reimbursed for travel the following documentation is required:

  • Original tickets
  • Details of daily claims for expenditures
  • Details of any vehicle used
  • Original receipts, such as hotel bills, car rental agreements (credit cards slips are not valid receipts)
  • Boarding passes for travel by air
  • If the travel was for a conference a copy of the conference program showing the dates of the conference
  • If the travel is for research collaboration a list of the research collaborators and their relation to the project
  • If the travel was for a field trip the details of the activities and dates are required
  • Food costs will normally NOT be covered

Step 3: Complete the travel claim

Submit all receipts to the program manager.

Submit a copy of your story to the program manager.