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Diversity, inclusion and justice

In keeping with Ryerson’s commitment to accessibility, diversity and inclusion, the Lincoln Alexander School of Law will prioritize diversity throughout its curriculum and professional placements. Students will gain an understanding of the needs of legal clients across Canada and be encouraged to think across disciplines, as well as local and international jurisdictional boundaries.

Social justice principles aren’t just talking points for our law school, they’re an essential element of our vision for legal education. We must ensure a broader understanding of the obstacles to justice that face many Canadians. In addition to courses and modules that focus on Indigenous Law, Social Innovation and the Law, and Law and Injustice, the strategic placement of students in community-based legal clinics and other settings will help instil the importance of access to justice in our graduates.

I think what Ryerson is doing is outside of the box, and as a former student, I am fully confident that this new law school will prepare lawyers to work in a completely different way.

— Marsha Brown, Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment, Vice President