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Alex Wellington, Associate Professor

Alex Wellington

Associate Professor
DepartmentFaculty of Law, Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts
Areas of ExpertisePhilosophy of law and punishment; ethics, human rights and justice; moral, political and social philosophy; environmental law and policy; professional and practical ethics

Alex Wellington is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts in the Department of Philosophy. She earned her LLB (now JD), as well as an LLM in Alternative Dispute Resolution and an LLM in Intellectual Property, from Osgoode Hall Law School (in 1987, 1999, and 2008 respectively). She received her PhD in Philosophy from York University in 2000 (having completed a previous Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy). In between, she completed a Masters of Environmental Studies, also at York University, in 1990. Alex joined Ryerson as a sessional instructor in 2000 and as an assistant professor in 2002.

Wellington was the academic lead and chair of the Curriculum Committee for the Chang School of Continuing Education Certificate in Ethics (launched in 2013). She served for a number of years as acting director of the Ethics Network and Co-Coordinator of the Ethics@Ryerson Speaker Series on Human Rights Across the Professions (Focus for 2008-2009: Conflict Resolution Across the Professions; Focus for 2007-2008: Advertising, Branding and Intellectual Property; Focus for 2006-2007: Privacy and Access to Information and the Professions).

Wellington’s research interests are oriented to the conceptualization of legal rights as potential sources of social power in diverse contexts. Two particular areas of current interest include: (i) the need for legal rights for transgender persons to enable their expressive freedom, empower their bodily autonomy and protect their dignity (a book project); and (ii) the importance of situating the human rights to water in creative tension with market environmentalism, in order to realize a socially just, ecologically sustainable world. Past research has focused on defense of the legal right to same sex marriage, and scrutiny of the implications of patent protection for the human right to health. Alex has previously engaged in SSHRC funded research (as principal investigator) on the Ethical Challenges of Biotechnology Governance: Sustainability Through Innovation, Human Rights and Environmental Protection, and (as co-investigator) for the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN).

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Degree Institution Year
LLM (Master of Laws in Intellectual Property) Osgoode Hall, York University 2008
PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) York University 2000
LLM (Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution) Osgoode Hall, York University 1999
MES (Masters of Environmental Studies) York University 1990
LLB (Bachelor of Laws) Osgoode Hall, York University 1987
HBA (Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy) York University 1983