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At the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, our approach to legal education reflects a longstanding commitment to challenge convention in search of new possibilities. As matters pertaining to equity and inclusion take on increasing social urgency and as the economy continues to be fuelled by advances in technology, the lawyers of the future will need to be nimble and innovative.

As part of our LSO-designated Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC), Lincoln Alexander School of Law students will participate in a series of Intensive courses that range in focus from the business of lawyering to emotional and cultural competencies to coding and contemporary technological practices.

Whether individuals or businesses, modern clients face an array of challenges that require nimble and creative legal solutions. Ryerson’s curriculum is designed to give tomorrow’s lawyers the skills that are essential to navigate the changing demands of the legal marketplace and Canadian society at large.

"We’re often doing things for the first time, which means the most valuable lawyers to advise us are those who aren’t confined by a narrow comfort zone."

—  Kevin Callahan, Twitter, Head of Global Business Development Strategy and Operations