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The Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Ryerson University is committed to creating a vibrant and diverse academic environment that is focused on developing a new kind of lawyer: one who is innovative, adaptable and well-equipped to meet evolving social challenges and shifts taking place in the Canadian legal market. Our program's foundational pillars include - increasing access to justice, stimulating technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.  

To ensure that our student body represents the fullest possible range of social, economic, ethnic and cultural perspectives, the Admissions Committee considers many factors. The goal of the Committee is to evaluate each applicant’s potential by completing a holistic review of the application through a diversity lens, without setting minimum GPA or LSAT requirements.

The committee takes into account the following:

  • All post-secondary studies
  • The best LSAT score
  • Personal statement (School Submission)
  • Reference letters 
  • Resumé and the OLSAS Autobiographical Sketch
  • Online interview (completed through a separate link that will be sent once the OLSAS application is received by Ryerson Law)

Any information provided is considered in a manner consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code.