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Student Experience and Engagement

Welcome from Leanne Shafir, the Director of Student Experience and Engagement

Welcome to Ryerson Law and the next step of the journey that you are about to begin! The year ahead will be filled with opportunities for you to engage within and outside of law. We want your legal education to be filled with engagement and fostered relationships. As our inaugural 1L class, you will have the opportunity to create and build these experiences, along with our Office. We are excited to guide you through the process. Below, you will see some of the opportunities available to you during your first year.

Leanne Shafir

Mooting Program

Our Mooting Program provides students with the opportunity to dive into a broad range of skills required within the profession. Moots are a practical opportunity for you to engage in what it would look like to litigate in a court. You may engage in Moots centred around oral advocacy at the appellate level on a discrete legal issue, or those that require you to communicate clearly and competently with a client who may speak a language different then your own. Our Moots bring to life the oral, written, and interpersonal skills our law students will build upon and foster over their years. Whether the issue is a charter challenge, or a negotiation between two entrepreneurs developing a new technology for the public, our Mooting program provides opportunities and experiences our students will never forget. 

Commencing in your first year at Ryerson, our Mooting Program will provide an invaluable opportunity to build skills, work with practitioners in the field, and collaborate with classmates as you work through simulated and novel problems, and ground-breaking legal issues of today.

Ryerson Law Mentorship Program 

Our Mentorship Programs are here to support you through your law school journey. Whether you are looking for upper year student support, or support and connection with someone in the field, our Mentors are here to assist in a manner that meets your needs. 

Peer Mentorship 

Although there are no upper year students at Ryerson Law (yet), the law student community across Canada is excited to welcome you as a "1L Law Student". Our Peer Mentors from a variety of schools across the country are ready, willing and available to mentor you in whatever manner is needed in the moment. Whether you want advice on exam writing skills, what extracurriculars to get involved in, or just want to talk, our Peer Mentor Program is here for you. 

Mentorship in the Field 

In addition to peer mentors who have recently experienced their 1L year, we have many law graduates working in a broad range of areas, waiting to mentor our students and provide a window into life after law school. 

Co-curricular Activities 

Your experience at Ryerson Law will be filled with an extensive range of activities outside of the academic curriculum. In the moment, and on reflection, we want our students and graduates to make the most of their law school experience and to engage deeply and meaningfully with many different opportunities. In addition to our student government (the Ryerson Law Student Society) our student clubs cover a broad range of practice areas, external organizations, and affinity groups. Ryerson Law students will immerse themselves in law related experiences that will span the national and international spectrum, working directly with people, communities, and technology, providing access to justice while building on their own skills, passions, and ideas. 

Community Clinics 

Ryerson Law Students will work within the Community, supervised by practicing lawyers, on a broad range of legal issues. Applying what you have learned, and learning what you must apply, our community clinics have something for everyone. Engaging with clients, applying your knowledge and skills, and working through legal and ethical issues, you will learn and experience what community lawyering is all about. Our community clinics will provide opportunities for learning and experiences in real world settings.