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Why Ryerson Law

Why Ryerson Law

The legal profession is changing and so too must law school. Ryerson’s Faculty of Law reimagines legal education to create a new kind of lawyer - one who will be technologically savvy, a driver of the new economy and equipped with the diversity of perspectives required to be a champion for ordinary citizens.

The typical lawyer of tomorrow will be anything but typical

Designed for the lawyer of the future

Lawyers need real-world experience to meet real-world challenges, which is why our Juris Doctor (JD) program includes a mandatory professional placement, as well as immersive bootcamps designed to teach students everything from coding to innovative business skills.

Entrepreneurship is at the core

Our students will be trained not just to understand the law, but to apply it. From collaborating on ventures at the world’s first legal tech incubator to working outside of traditional legal contexts, Ryerson Law graduates will gain the experience required to be nimble and business-minded.

Technology is hardwired into our DNA

As the legal system is transformed by new technologies, our JD program will equip students with the knowledge to harness the power of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning. We think tech-first, and our graduates will too.

Diverse as the country we call home

We want to make the legal profession more diverse as it pertains to backgrounds, perspectives and integration with other disciplines. Ryerson lawyers will have the multifaceted skills required to serve a broad range of communities.

Built to expand the reach of justice

Our law school is built from the ground up to help improve access to the halls of justice. From underrepresented communities to small business owners, we strive to ensure that high-calibre legal services are available to all.