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Law Centre: Innovation, Experimentation, Research

Centre Director 

Avner Levin
Academic Director, Law Centre

Dr. Levin is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University is the Chair of the Law and Business Department at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Director of the Law Research Centre and Privacy Institute. His research interests include the legal regulation and protection of privacy and personal information in various sectors across jurisdictions, both within Canada and internationally.



Administration & Communication

Aleks Acimovic, Coordinator of the Law Research Centre

Aleksandra Acimovic





Volunteer Executive

Omar Khilo

Co-Chair Interns' Circle

Omar Khilo is a third year business management student majoring in Law and Business. Currently, he volunteers with the Law Centre as the Co-Chair of the Interns' Circle, and is also the Director of Academics with the Law and Business Student Association. His goal is to raise as much awareness as possible to the student body about the Law Centre, the Free Legal Aid Clinic and create new academic events with his fellow Co-Chair, Sumaya. Omar found out about the Law Centre during the end of his first year, and learned about the unique events it holds as well as the beneficial legal aid clinic that is free to students. He looks forward to a productive year, and meeting new students.

Sumaya Ugas

Co-Chair Interns' Circle

Sumaya Ugas is a fourth year student studying Criminal Justice. She has been a dedicated volunteer with the Law Centre since her second year and is now proud to be returning as the Co-Chair for the Interns' Circle. Her role is to voice the opinion of student volunteers and act as a liaison between the Centre and the Interns' Circle. Her own dreams involve working within the justice sector as an International Criminal or Human Rights lawyer. Outside of the Law Centre Sumaya enjoys research, and is an advocate for youth and minority issues; she is currently working with the City of Toronto to develop a Youth Advisory Board for the Toronto Police Services, and is also workihng with Professor Tammy Landau on a preliminary study on the racial profiling of females.


Christine Borselli-Morgan

Christine Borselli-Morgan  

Executive Researcher

Christine Borselli-Morgan is a graduate student at Ryerson University pursuing a MASc. in Environmental Applied Science and Management. She currently volunteers with the Law Centre as a core executive member and researcher for the Intern Circle. Christine holds a Specialized Honours Bachelor in Environmental Studies, a Law Clerk Diploma, and Social Service Worker Diploma. She has enjoyed a rewarding career within the legal and not-for-profit sectors working in research, stakeholder engagement and administration. Christine actively volunteers within the community on environmental health advocacy, sustainability and social justice issues.

Liz Ogunboye, Promotional Team Lead for 2013-2014

Elizabeth Ogunboye

Promotions Team Lead



The Law Centre supports and provides ongoing research and events for a different and bold take on law.



As a catalyst for debate, learning and teaching, the Law Centre prepares students for a future in law and looks at law in the future.



Law is an integral part of the professional programs that make Ryerson an innovative university. The Law Centre builds on this strength and is the bridge between Ryerson University and the legal community.