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Law Centre: Innovation, Experimentation, Research


Intern Circle Members' at the 2013-2014 closing night being rewarded for their hard work
Avner Levin, Aleksandra Acimovic and Pnina Alon-Shenker, along with Law Centre researchers, thank and recognize the Interns' Circle Members for their contributions in the 2013-2014 Academic year.

The Interns' Circle is available to current students at Ryerson University that seek to facilitate a heightened sense of awareness for the law, access to the law and legal education across campus.  The group members help carry out the mandate of the Law Centre by assisting with the Centre's research, conferences and events.  The Interns' Circle also plays an integral role in operating the Pro Bono Legal Clinic on campus, a partnership between Ryerson University and Miller Thomson Law Firm that provides students and entrepreneurs at Ryerson with free legal advice.


The Law Centre supports and provides ongoing research and events for a different and bold take on law.



As a catalyst for debate, learning and teaching, the Law Centre prepares students for a future in law and looks at law in the future.



Law is an integral part of the professional programs that make Ryerson an innovative university. The Law Centre builds on this strength and is the bridge between Ryerson University and the legal community.