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Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge
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2016 Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge Year in Review:  - In collaboration with OCAD University, University of Toronto and York University

2016 Year In Review

Ryerson Supporters
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Become a Supporter!
Priyanth Na
Priyanth Na, Volunteer
Sheldon Levy
Sheldon Levy, Sponsor Lead
Samantha Jackson
Samantha Jackson, Volunteer
Marion MacKenzie
Marion MacKenzie, Sponsor Lead
Abisarikka Pillaiyinar
Abisarikka Pillaiyinar, Volunteer
Lester de Luna
Lester de Luna, Volunteer
Mohamed Lachemi
Mohamed Lachemi, Sponsor Lead
Erin Roach
Erin Roach, Volunteer
James Coulter
James Coulter, Volunteer
Kathleen Powderley and Carlyn Moulton
Kathleen Powderley & Carlyn Moulton, Sponsor Leads, "PEC Syria"
Mohamed Elmi
Mohamed Elmi, Volunteer
Josephine Tse
Josephine Tse, Volunteer
Anver Salojee
Anver Saloojee, Sponsor Lead
Suhair Deeb
Suhair Deeb, Volunteer
Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong, Volunteer
Valerie Pringle
Valerie Pringle, Sponsor Lead
Stephen Owens
Stephen Owens, Volunteer
Marsha McEachrane
Marsha McEachrane, Sponsor Lead
Cheryl Hsu
Cheryl Hsu, Volunteer
Carlos Abarca
Carlos Abarca, Volunteer
Wendy Cukier
Team Ashoka - Wendy Cukier, Sponsor Lead
Sana Adi
Sana Adi, Volunteer
Kinza Malek
Kinza Malik, Volunteer
Jackie Chou
Jackie Chou, Volunteer
Nursing Course Union
Nursing Course Union & Ryerson Canadian Nursing Students’ Association, Volunteers
Humza Hussain
Humza Hussain, Volunteer
Ratna Omidvar
Ratna Omidvar, Sponsor Lead
Sehrish Saeedi
Sehrish Saeedi, Volunteer
Stephen Murphy
Steven Murphy, Sponsor Lead
Shelley Mohamed
Shelley Mohamed, Volunteer
Wael Al-Hendi
Wael Al-Hendi, Volunteer
East End Cares
East End Cares, Sponsor Lead
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez, Volunteer
Christina Sass-Kortsak
Christina Sass-Kortsak, Sponsor Lead
Radwan Al-Nachawati
Radwan Al Nachawati, Volunteer
Ryerson Student Union
Ryerson Student Union, Volunteers
Michael Adams & Thuy Nguyen
Michael Adams & Thuy Nguyen, Sponsor Leads
Charles Falzon
Charles Falzon, Volunteer
Jennifer MacInnis
Jennifer MacInnis, Volunteer
Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi, Sponsor Lead, "Mississauga Friends"
Jiwon Bang
Jiwon Bang, Volunteer
Hania Siddiqui
Hania Siddiqui, Volunteer
Kate Hoffman and Shannon Robertson
Kate Hoffman and Shannon Robertson, Sponsor Leads
Hala Skiek
Hala Skiek, Volunteer
Salah Bachir
Salah Bachir, Fundraising Lead
Ramsha Ali
Ramsha Ali, Volunteer
Tomaz Jardim, Sponsor Lead
Andrea Cohen Barrack & Michael Barrack, Sponsor Leads
Adam Hefland Green
Adam Hefland Green, Volunteer
Anne Harris, Sponsor Leads
Samantha Jackson & Farzin Yousefian
Samantha Jackson & Farzin Yousefian , Fundraising Leads
Marwan Al-Assali
Marwan Al-Assali, Volunteer
Haynes Connell Foundation, Sponsor Lead
Mehru Ali, Sponsor Lead
Ripple Refugee Project/UHN, Sponsor Lead
Westside Refugee Response
Westside Refugee Response, Sponsor Lead
Team Amalya
Team Amalya, Sponsor Lead
Marhaba Toronto
Marhaba Toronto, Sponsor Lead
Project Toronto Welcomes
Project Toronto Welcomes, Sponsor Lead
Zohran Kwame Mamdani
Zohran Kwame Mamdani, Fundraising Lead