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Please note: The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures has relocated from the 5th floor of JOR to the 2nd floor of POD


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Below is the contact information for our faculty and staff. Select an individual faculty member's name for a detailed bio.


Name and Profile Area of Interest Location Phone/Email
Zawada, Kinga*
PhD, MA Tor.; BA York (Glendon)
20th-century French, Québécois and Francophone drama, theatre semiotics, theories of otherness in literary discourse, representation of myths in contemporary literature POD 249D 416-979-5000, ext 556130
Undergraduate Program Director
Name and Profile Area of Interest Location Phone/Email
Zafra, Enriqueta*
PhD, MA Tor.; BA Granada
Early Modern Spanish Peninsular literature and culture, gender studies, picaresque novel, Cervantes POD 249B


416-979-5000, ext 552262
Name Location Phone Email
Melissa Paola, Departmental Administrator
POD 249E 416-979-5000 ext 553465
Wendy Crolla, Program Administrator
POD 249A 416-979-5000 ext 544557
Placement Test Advisors
Name and Profile Area of Interest Location Phone/Email
Ibrahim, Rania
PhD Alexandria, MA Reading, BA Alexandria
Applied linguistics, language assessment, listening comprehension POD 247E 416-979-5000, ext 544556
Winiarczyk, Nina
MA, BA Gallaudet University
American Sign Language, Deaf culture, semantics, classifiers and non-manual signals, sign production
POD 247G
Stowe, John Edward
PhD Tor., EdD Columbia, MA National Taiwan
Chinese language pedagogy, contemporary Chinese literature, Canadian Chinese literature, the traditional Chinese novel, traditional Chinese culture, Chinese to English translation POD 247E 416-979-5000, ext 544556
Toomsalu, Marju
MA OISE/Toronto, BA Tartu
Second language acquisition POD 247C 416-979-5000, ext 554196
Popic, Lara
PhD, MA Tor.; BA University of Novi Sad
19th century French literature, George Sand, narratology, literature and values, feminist theory, vulnerability, emotions, literature and cinema POD 247F 416-979-5000, ext 554198
Garvida, Mignette
PhD Philippines (Diliman); BA, MeD Toronto
Comparative studies, Spanish influence on Philippine Hispanic literature, 19th century Peninsular prose, the role of women in Hispanic literature POD 247H 416-979-5000, ext 556113
Name and Profile Area of Interest Location Phone/Email
Ba, Ndeye*
PhD Western; MA Nebraska; BA Cheikh Anta Diop  
Enunciation, plurilingualism, comparative literature, African novels, postcolonialism, Francophonie and women’s writing
POD 253A 416-979-5000, ext 544554
Collette, Marianella*
PhD, MA Tor.; BA York
Latin-American literature and culture, feminist theory
POD 253D 416-979-5000, ext 556147
Fiola, Marco A.*
PhD, DEA, Mtl., MA, BA, Paris III
Translation theory, community interpreting, gender and discourse


POD 253F 
416-979-5000, ext 552743
Hauck, Gerd*
PhD Tor., MLitt Cambridge, MA Sussex
Theatre and cultural studies, intermediality, dramaturgy, Samuel Beckett, German literature and culture
POD 253 416-979-5000, ext 544555
PhD, Toronto
Southern Italian dialectology, Molisan dialect literature, ethnicity and identity represented on social media 1 Dundas Street West
[Professor and Vice-Provost, Faculty Affairs]
Kellett, Kathleen*
PhD, MA Tor.; BA S. Fraser
Quebec/Franco-Canadian literature and culture, Francophone women's fiction, Francophone short story, narratology, feminist theory JOR 118
[Associate Dean of Students, Faculty of Arts]
416.979.5000, ext 6196
Martin, Brandon Tehanyatarí:ya’ks
PhD SUNY, MA U. Arizona, BA Morningside Coll.
Haudenosaunee history, language revitalization, adult language immersion
TBD 416-979-5000, ext TBD
Osborne, Dana*
PhD, MA U. Arizona; BS Cal. Poly. Pomona
Linguistic anthropology, psycholinguistics, language contact and change, applied anthropology, visual anthropology, Ilocano, Philippines POD 253C 416-979-5000, ext 554695
Pelkey, Jamin*
PhD La Trobe, MA Payap, BA Montana
Cognitive linguistics, semiotics, anthropology of language, philology, embodied cognition, Ngwi languages, C.S. Peirce POD 253E 416-979-5000, ext 552523
Walsh Matthews, Stéphanie*
PhD, MA, Tor; MA Col. Tor.; BA Ottawa
Contemporary Québécois literature, magic realism, semiotics, cognitive linguistics, postcolonial theories, HRI, psychoanalysis JOR 528
[ACS Director]
416-979-5000, ext 7357
Yu, Hongbing
PhD, MA Nanjing Normal University, BA Hefei University
Sociolinguistics, semiotics, cognition, philosophy of language, intercultural communication, Chinese language and culture, Chinese philosophy POD 253B
416-979-5000, ext 543620

* Members of the School of Graduate Studies      
Language Instructors
Areas of Interest Location Phone/Email
Barnes, John ESL POD 253H 416-979-5000 ext 556156
Blila, Safaa Arabic POD 253H 416-979-5000 ext 556156
Dans, Ronald
Debrée, Dominique
French POD 253H
416-979-5000, ext 556156
Diaz, Dorismel
Spanish POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Glogowski, Patricia
ESL POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Hart, David
Greek POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Lorioz, Jacques French POD 247I 416.979.5000, ext 556151
Martel, Myriam
Spanish POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Pages, Heriberto
Spanish POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Rombaut, Marie-Catherine
French POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Timoshenkova, Evguénia
French POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Tousson, Rawya French POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Witek, Mirella
French POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Wu, Qian
Chinese POD 253H 416-979-5000, ext 556156
Language Tutors
Name Language Location Phone/Email
  ASL POD 255
  Chinese POD 255
  Spanish POD 255
  French POD 255
  Arabic POD 255
Emeritus Faculty
Name and Profile Area of Interest Location Phone/Email
Finn, Michael*
PhD Harv.; MA, BA Tor.
Médecine and literature, 1850-1920, 19th-Century French sexology, decadent authors, Rachilde, Proust [Emeritus]