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Hongbing Yu


Photo of Hongbing Yu

Office: POD 253B
Telephone: 416-979-5000 ex. 543620

Hongbing Yu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Ryerson University. Dr. Yu holds a Ph.D. (with distinction) in Linguistics from Nanjing Normal University, where he is currently serving as Adjunct Associate Professor in language, semiotics and communication. His areas of specialization and teaching include sociolinguistics, semiotics, cognition, philosophy of language, intercultural communication, Chinese language and culture, and Chinese philosophy.
Dr. Yu’s two monographs, 《符号建模论》(On Semiotic Modeling, Soochow Uni. P 2019) and Living by Models (De Gruyter, forthcoming) afford an interdisciplinary perspective on the semiotic mechanisms of language, literature, culture and mind. He has edited three collections, including The Study of Linguistic Sign Systems in the 21st Century (De Gruyter 2016, with Linda L. Thornburg), Semiotics as an Interdisciplinary Methodology (De Gruyter 2016, with Zhijun Yan) and Traversing the Mental and the Artistic Worlds (Hohai Uni. P 2014). He is the co-editor of a book series Select Works of Eminent Contemporary Semioticians (five volumes, Nanjing Normal Uni. P 2018-2019, with Jie Zhang). He has translated three volumes of semiotics into Chinese, including《意义的形式:建模系统理论与符号学分析》(The Forms of Meaning: Modeling Systems Theory and Semiotic Analysis, Thomas A. Sebeok & Marcel Danesi, 2000). (Sichuan Uni. P 2016, sole translator),《符号学与艺术理论:在自律论和语境论之间》(Semiotics and Art Theory: Between Autonomism and Contextualism, Madeleine Schechter, 2008). (Sichuan Uni. P 2015, sole translator) and《打开边界的符号学:穿越符号敞开网络的解释路径》(Semiotics Unbounded: Interpretive Routes through the Open Network of Signs, Susan Petrilli & Augusto Ponzio, 2005) (Yilin P 2015, co-translator, with Yongxiang Wang and Jia Peng). Dr. Yu’s recent research on such topics as language, culture, cognition and semiotics appears in various esteemed peer-reviewed journals in both English and Chinese. He is Managing Editor of Chinese Semiotic Studies, Associate Editor of Semiotica, Research Fellow at the International Institute for Semiotic Studies of Nanjing Normal University, Special Research Fellow at the Center of Semiotics and Communication Studies of Sichuan University, and Guest Researcher at the Center for Semiotics and Cultural Studies of Shinawatra University.