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Q. I have taken a language course in high school, but that was a long time ago. Can I start over?

A. It is very unlikely that you have forgotten all that you learned in high school, so you should not enroll in a level 101 language course if you have studied it ever before. Take the placement test, answer honestly and you'll be placed at the appropriate level.

Q. Which dialects do you teach?

A. We teach standard languages, as grammar is universal, no matter the language variety spoken by any given instructor. In addition, we have instructors from all over the world, which means that you will get the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of accents, therefore helping you to be able to converse with speakers from all over the world.

Q. I want to attend teachers' college after Ryerson. How many courses do I need to have my new language considered a teachable subject for me?

A. It all depends on the teachers' college rules. However, a good rule of thumb is that you will need about 12 courses in a given language to be considered a major teachable subject. At Ryerson, you can achieve this, for example, by enrolling in the French Option in the B.A. in Arts and Contemporary Studies.

Q. I have taken language courses before. Can I challenge the exams at Ryerson?

A. Unfortunately, no. However, if you have taken those courses at a recognized post-secondary institution, and received credits for them, you may apply to have those credits transferred, via the "Transfer Credits" Unit at Ryerson.

Q. How can I do a minor in any of the languages you offer?

A. We currently offer two minors: one in French and another in Spanish.

Q. Can I do a Certificate through Chang School while completing my undergraduate degree at Ryerson?

A. Yes, many students take language courses through the Chang School of Continuing Education while studying for their degree. Some of the courses achieved through the Chang School can be counted as part of your degree as well. This way, you can achieve your degree AND a continuing education certificate at the same time. You just need to start planning early. Contact our CE coordinators for more information.

Q. I have been accepted for the Explore program this summer. What do I need to do now? Do I need a Letter of Permission?

A. Yes you do! For further information regarding letters of permission, please visit the Ryerson Curriculum Advising website.