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Future Students

Why study languages, literatures and cultures at Ryerson?

Aside from the fact that being able to speak more than one language makes you smarter new window and more open to others new window, and could even be beneficial for your mental health, being exposed to a variety of cultures and languages also increases your chances of academic new window and professional success new window.

Your grandparents, parents or even older siblings learned additional languages because they liked to travel, or simply out of curiosity. Nowadays, people who can speak more than one language are sought after for their flexibility, their adaptability and their cultural sensitivity. From pastime to job requirement, language and cultural skills are now considered a window onto an increasingly diverse world, and a way to open new doors on the job markets.

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures uses a communicative approach that enables students to work on all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. This is the only way, in our opinion, to achieve proficiency. We have courses for all levels, including for true beginners, intermediate, advanced and even for native speakers. If you have never studied languages with us, please make sure to take our online placement test.

A note for high school counselors!

We would like nothing better than to have a chance to come and visit you, in your own school, to talk to your students about study opportunities. All you have to do is contact us, and it will be a pleasure to plan a visit, or even a virtual tour or lecture that matches your needs.


Testimonials - Languages, Literatures and Cultures
"I entered the Spanish courses at Ryerson expecting easy marks in my liberal arts credits. However, what I met was totally unexpected. The  incredibly knowledgeable and passionate  faculty  prepared  me  not only for my course content but also helped me to achieve the goals in my program and planned career. Since then, I have realized that the discipline, hard work and passion for teaching I found in my  Spanish professors gave me a solid foundation to be the best professional I can be in the future" 

 Paula Vanegas, BScN 2013


The Advanced Spanish courses I took at Ryerson allowed me to gain a broader understanding of Latin American culture, something I truly value, especially in a multicultural city such as Toronto.

Javiera Castro 


I studies Chinese at Ryerson in 2012, and in Winter 2014, I will be going on an exchange program with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where I am planning on taking two courses in Chinese.

My Chinese Professor at Ryerson was just awesome. He possessed deep knowledge in Chinese history and geography, which was totally amazing. I enjoyed his class very much. 



Nin hao!
I studied Chinese at Ryerson and I will now be attending Polytechnic University for one semester. I will continue to practice my Mandarin in my day to day life. I probably will be visiting parts of China as well when I have some free time. I am SUPER excited as this is a great opportunity for me!

Renee Chow


To learn English for life is a real challenge. I have been using English almost every day since 2009. At that time my English was not so good. In 2010 I came to Canada for one year to learn and understand the language. At that time I took two classes at Ryerson: Writing Accurately and Clearly and Academic and Professional Skills Intensive. Then I moved back to my country with a better understanding of English.  more >>

Alejandro Saettone