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The LTO is the leader in learning and teaching at Ryerson. As the primary support for the teaching community at Ryerson, the LTO fosters a culture of excellence and innovation in teaching, working to continually enhance student learning across the university. Read more about the LTO.

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Podagogies: LTO Podcast

Podagogies is a learning and teaching podcast hosted by two curious instructors glimpsing into the strategy and improvisation that drives educators. We ask questions about what makes their classrooms tick, and we uncover compelling work of educators who bring scholarship to students in surprising ways. 

Listen to the current episode of Podagogies:
2018 OCUFA Award Winner Dr. Frankie Stewart on Teaching Large Classes

Classroom Improvements

Ryerson is looking for feedback about classrooms on campus and we want to hear from you. We’re looking at how existing and future classrooms can be designed for a better learning experience. Thank you to everyone who attended our town halls or took the time to fill out the online survey.

If you have further thoughts on classrooms or would like to get involved with the project, please email


Check out our latest issue of Best Practices. Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, or best practices that you would like to see appear in these newsletters? Let us know!  

Best Practices, October: Incorporating Reflective Writing [pdf]

Best Practices, November: Using Peer Assessment [pdf]

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