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Senate Learning & Teaching Committee

The purpose of the Senate Learning & Teaching Committee is to identify, prioritize and act upon issues from across the University related to the promotion of an effective and comprehensive educational environment. The Committee may initiate activities that address specific issues or develop and make academic policy recommendations to Senate where appropriate.


The LTC reports directly to Senate regarding its regular business. It directs to the AGPC recommendations regarding policy changes or changes to its terms of reference or composition.


Thirty-three (33) members to include: seven (7) Teaching Chairs, one from each Faculty and one from The Library; four (4) appointees of the Vice Provost, Academic; four (4) appointees of the Vice Provost, Students; seven (7) student representatives, one from each Faculty, one from the School of Graduate Studies, and one from The Chang School; eight (8) representative from the Learning and Teaching Office, including one from Digital Media Projects Office and one from the G. Raymond Change School of Continuing Education; the Vice Provost, Students (1) (ex-officio); the Director of the Learning and Teaching Office (1) (ex-officio non-voting); Director, Academic Initiatives and Secretary of Senate (1) (non-voting) and the Vice Provost, Academic (1) who shall serve as chair.

SLT Committee Members, 2016-2017

Vice Provost, Academic (Chair)

Marcia Moshé

Heather Lane Vetere - Vice Provost, Students
Denise O'Neil Green - Assistant Vice President/Vice Provost, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
Eric Kam - Director, Learning & Teaching Office (non-voting)
John Turtle - Secretary of Senate (non-voting)

Appointees of the Vice Provost, Academic

Rona Abramovitch - Senior Advisor to the Provost
John Paul Foxe - Director, Academic Integrity Andrea Ridgley - Oficer, Academic Integrity
Restiani Andriati - Manager, Digital Media Projects Office
Katherine Penny- Curriculum Quality Assurance
Paola Borin - Curriculum Development Consultant
Anne Johnson - Chemistry & Biology
Jasna Schwind - Nursing
Annette Bailey - Nursing

Appointees of the Vice Provost, Students

Christina Halliday - Director, Student Learning Support
John Austin - Executive Director, Student Affairs
Marc Emond - Manager, Academic Accommodation Support
Wendy Freeman - Director, e-Learning

Learning & Teaching Office

Lauren Wilson - Manager, Teaching & Learning
Michelle Schwartz - Instructional Design and Research Strategist
Curtis Maloley - Educational Developer Tunu Sodhi - LTO English Language Support Specialist
Amira Rezkalla - Program Assistant
Gosha Zywno, Faculty Associate, UTDP

Faculty Representation

Stephen Want - Arts, Psychology (Teaching Chair)
Wendy Freeman - Communication & Design, Journalism (Teaching Chair)
Samantha Wehbi - Community Services, Social Work (Teaching Chair)
Medhat Shehata - Engineering & Architectural Science, Civil Engineering (Teaching Chair)
TBA - Science (Teaching Chair)
Don Kinder - Library (Teaching Chair)
Nenita Elphick - Chang School (Teaching Chair)
Alan Kaplan - Ted Rogers School of Management (Teaching Chair)


Monica de Vries, TRSM