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Teaching Assessment Program

In this program trained evaluators will visit classrooms of faculty and instructors to provide them with feedback about their teaching.

The program is voluntary and the feedback is used only for personal improvement of teaching.

Guidelines for requesting assessment

  • Faculty and instructors interested in being assessed must provide a list of classes open for assessment, including dates, locations, and class names.
  • The LTO will do their best to find an assessor for one of those dates.
  • The assessor will make contact by email to let the teacher know the date they will be attending class.
  • The assessor will visit class for one hour and sit in the back of the room (the assessor will not participate in any class activity)
  • The assessor will quietly leave after about one hour.
  • The assessor will write a report of the assessment that will be sent to the LTO.
  • The LTO will review the report and suggest resources to assist with teaching.
  • The LTO will send the report to those assessed within two weeks.
  • Those assessed may visit the LTO for a discussion of the assessment.
  • All information about the assessment is confidential and will not be shared beyond the LTO, even upon request of those being assessed.


How to get involved

Please use this link to register for the program. After registering you will be contacted with further instructions. Any questions can be addressed to Lauren Wilson at