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Klassen, F. (2008). Malleable Matter and Atmospheric Substance. Proceedings of the Ambience 2008: Smart Textiles International Conference, Boras, Sweden, June 2-3
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2008). Architecture and Intergrated Technologies. In Beasley, P., and M-Ladly (Eds). (2008). Mobile Nation Anthology, Waterloo: Riverside Architectural Press.
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2006). From the Bazaar to Space Architecture. Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture. V.4. Issue 3, 256-269.
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2006). Malleable Matter: Adaptable and Responsive Space. Proceedings of the Adaptables 2006 TU/E International Conference on Adaptable Building Structures, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, July 3-5.
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2006), Material innovations: Transparent, lightweight and malleable. In Klassen, F., & R. Kronenburg (Eds.). Transportable Environments 3. Spon Press, London, pp.122-135.
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2003). Tangible to Intangible. International Journal of Art and Design Education. 22, 92-99.
PDF file
Klassen, F. (2003). Transformable Personal space within a communal setting: Housing for the homeless. In Kronenburg, R., J. Lim, and W. Y. Chii (Eds.). 2003. Transportable Environments 2, London: Spon Press, 44-49.
PDF file
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