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Faculty & Staff


Dr. Alex Ferworn

Graduate Program Director

Chris Ambedkar

Academic and Industry Coordinator

Lissa Quaglia

Graduate Program Administrator

Dr. W. Michael Carter

Executive Director & Head of School,
The Creative School,
Ryerson Cairo Campus

Dr. Naimul Khan

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Hossein Rahnama

Computer Scientist
Academic Entrepreneur
Co-Founder, Ryerson DMZ

Dr. Richard Lachman

Associate Professor, RTA School of Media
Director of Zone Learning

Dr. Sean Wise

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Dr. Kathryn Woodcock

Professor, Human Factors
& Amusement Attractions

Steven Cober

Contract Lecturer, Interaction Design

Dr. Jason Boyd

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Jessica Field

Instructor, Physical Computing

Dr. David Chandross

Digital Gameworld Design and Senior Scholar

Diana Varma

Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Innovation

Dr. Louis-Etienne Dubois

Assistant Professor, Creative Industries
Director, Future of Live Entertainment Lab (FOL!E)

Dr. Kristopher Alexander

Professor of Video Games

Jonathon Anderson

Associate Professor, Interior Design & Director, Creative Technology Lab

Dr. Cheryl Thompson

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lorena Escandon

Assistant Professor & Consultant on innovation, creativity, and new product development