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Nitish Bissonauth

MDM4.0 Nitish Bissonauth (colour).


  • Bachelor of Journalism (and Minor in Politics), Ryerson University
  • Certificate in Business French and Translation, The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson

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Transmedia Storytelling


Nitish is a bilingual broadcast journalist who has previously worked with CTV News in Saskatoon and the French CBC in Edmonton. These days, you can catch him on The Weather Network, producing stories, reporting out in the field for the Morning Show and even chasing a storm every now and then. Nitish always had a knack for storytelling and public speaking and knew from a very young age that he wanted to pursue an education in Journalism at Ryerson University.

During his undergrad, his fascination for the art of storytelling grew as he was able to explore different mediums, learning how each can be effectively used to tell a story. He now hopes to further enhance his knowledge and skill-set through Ryerson's MDM program to continue to create engaging stories that are as diverse in form and delivery as they are in content.

Why Digital Media?

Nitish sees digital media as a game changer, one that will set a lasting precedent for how people consume content for generations to come. He witnessed this change first hand during his career as he saw a shift in focus among networks and news organizations; Companies that traditionally focused their resources in television and radio are now pushing towards digital platforms, seeking ways to better engage their audience through digital, multimedia content. This opened his eyes to the potential future of the industry, a future that is already taking shape. With that in mind, he hopes to contribute and be a part of this new era of news and content consumption through Ryerson’s MDM program. With its unique interdisciplinary approach, Nitish will get the opportunity to experiment and innovate when it comes to digital storytelling, all while expanding his expertise and gaining a better understanding of the industry.


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