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Danielle Fraser



Honours Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), McMaster University

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Web & Graphic Design


Danielle first discovered her passion for graphic design while completing a Political Science undergraduate degree at McMaster. As an extracurricular, Danielle began as a sales member for an organization focused on creating local internships for international students. However, she became increasingly interested in the marketing team and the strategies to help the organization grow. After recognizing a need for a platform to show off the organization’s programs, she left the sales team to develop an all new website for the organization.

The following year, Danielle became the Creative Director for McMaster’s official business magazine, The Quarterly Profit. While leading the transformation of written pieces to digital content, she developed a fixation for the finer details in design such as typography. The same year, Danielle became the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for McMaster’s Entrepreneurship Association. Additionally, over the past two summers Danielle has worked as a Marketing Assistant for a manufacturing company. The first summer, she worked to develop two all new websites for the company. The following summer, she worked alongside the Marketing Manager to launch a new customer database and email marketing strategies. During her time in the MDM program, Danielle hopes to further develop her design and coding skills, discover some of the newest opportunities in the digital media field, and maybe even start a company of her own.

Why Digital Media?

Today digital media is at the heart of communication in every sector and industry. I chose this field because it combines my natural interest in design and digital media with continually growing and exciting job opportunities. Today the field is recognized for facilitating diverse and progressive work environments. Digital media is always waiting for the next great breakthrough. I chose this field because it focuses on rewarding today's leaders and the innovators. The field encourages me to not only remain inspired, but motivated to act everyday on opportunity.

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Volume 3, Issues 1-4