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Nuria Gonzalez



Bachelor in Communication Design, National Autonomous University of Mexico

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User Experience & Accessibility


I believe that human-centered design will lead us in a sustainable and positive direction, one that educates, instigates, innovates, and creates movement. My passion for this, along with creative strategies in design thinking, fosters a keen interest for innovation in social design and digital media. As technology advances and integrates with human behaviour (and vice versa), I find the method in how these two integers adapt to each other as an intriguing point of research.

I have over fifteen years of communication design and art direction experience that expands across diverse industries, some of which include not-for profit, agency, and financial organizations. Over the last five years, I have been involved in a collage of creative projects where the digital aspect is the key to success, which in turn has nurtured my passion for user experience and accessibility.

These experiences have motivated me to explore and expand my knowledge and capabilities within this field, and now I have arrived here at Ryerson to pursue my MDM.

Why Digital Media?

I want to understand, learn and collaborate with innovators, self-starters and leaders in the tech world. I believe that the MDM program allows me the opportunity to explore and utilize diverse tools, resources, and digital experiences that would enrich and foster innovative ideas within the social design field, and help other social entrepreneurs reach global audiences successfully.