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Andrew Hawling



Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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Digital Marketing


Andrew is a creative and analytical thinker that has used technology his entire life to shape the world around him. He has worked with educational institutions, professional associations, government organizations and local small businesses to improve their online presence as well as meet the diverse needs of users, customers and stakeholders. His digital marketing efforts have included search engine optimization, communications policy development, content generation and market research. Through graphic design, he has created logos, user interfaces and technical diagrams. His video production projects have included major events, brand promotions and corporate interviews. Andrew continues to strive for success and works to improve his technical and artistic abilities every day.

Why Digital Media?

Individuals and organizations have the ability to create powerful products, messages and experiences through the recent democratization of digital technologies. Therefore, understanding the field of digital media, and learning how to best utilize available resources, is key in order to create positive change in the world.


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