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Hilary Julien



Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts (New Media), Ryerson University

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Developing Interactive Spaces


Hilary is a creative problem solver with keen interests in both technology and art. She has built websites, games, free-standing interactive structures, gallery installations and has played a role in mobile application development.

Additionally, she has spent the past seven years working with children in technology-centered environments, and has seen firsthand the positive effects that well-designed interfaces can have on young users.

Why Digital Media?

After graduating from Ryerson's New Media program, Hilary realized that she had just begun to explore the world of Digital Media. It is a field that encourages exploration of a variety of interests, so she decided to concentrate on an area that allows collaboration with diverse skill sets.

As such, a primary focus for Hilary is the development of interactive interfaces. She finds connecting objects in the digital space with real world movements to be fascinating as virtual and physical experiences are increasingly intertwined. The space in which the two meet provides endless opportunity for creativity and user engagement.

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