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Maryam Lary



Bachelor of Arts (Film and Production) with Minor in Psychology, Zayed University (Dubai)

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Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Social Media Management


Maryam Lary has developed an interest in research and innovation in different areas related to Media and Psychology. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn and develop new ideas drove her to present two international presentations in Vancouver, Canada and Dublin, Ireland on separate topics which combine Media and Psychology.

Her multi-cultural background from different countries allows her to view ideas from different perspectives and combine them in one platform. She is still experimenting with her startup idea with the intent of bringing positive change to the world.

Maryam is also a reader with tremendous love of the written word. She is currently working on publishing her book and following her dream to become a successful author and entrepreneur.

Why Digital Media?

Digital media has an incredible role in the marketplace and in global culture. Wherever you are, you are in some way connected to the digital world of text, videos, images, advertising and much more. As a person who believes in innovation and change, I believe that any simple idea can go a thousand miles when the right people are together in the right place, and combining multi-skilled people with the knowledge and the power of digital media transforms ideas into real business plans. I believe that by enrolling in this program, I will see new perspectives and have the privilege to work with multi-talented people to bring a change in this world.