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Tihmily (Queenie) Li



Honours Bachelor of Arts (Double Major Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology and Experimental Linguistics), University of Toronto

Certificate of Communication, Sheridan College

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Graphic Design, Interactive Stories, Video Editing


Tihmily is a graduate of the joint CCIT program between University of Toronto and Sheridan College where she gained both valuable theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Since she was motivated to gain experiences to expand her skills, Tihmily has had diverse opportunities working in graphic design, exhibition design, video production, and digital publishing.

Coming into Digital Media program, Tihmily has been able to acquire new skills in coding, 3D modeling, and user experience design. With her experiences and skills, Tihmily hopes to create engaging stories through video, illustration, written word, or games.

Why Digital Media?

Digital spaces are constantly evolving. Digital spaces are simultaneously open to public use yet online communities are insular. These spaces can unite people across geographic and sociopolitical boundaries yet still create isolation. By understanding the different cultures of various digital spaces, we can learn how to achieve a greater connected community.

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