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Soo Mahabir


Honours Bachelor of Arts, (Double Major English and Music & Culture), University of Toronto

Certificate in Project Management, University of Toronto

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Digital narratives in cultural theatrical productions.

I was born and raised in Trinidad, an island well known for a variety of traits, creative productions being one stand out feature seen especially during local festivals and rituals. Like many, I was raised in a multicultural household. Growing up, I was always passionate about art and stories. I graduated from U of T with a double major in Music and Culture, and English while learning technical theatre on the side. I am currently a freelance theatrical stage manager, a job I have been doing professionally for about 9 years, not including those done during my undergrad years. I work with multiple performance companies, with a wide range of age groups, and on a variety of shows where I draw on my complete range of skills as an artist, musician, storyteller, and mentor to contribute to the creation of the best feasible production and experience.

Why Digital Media?
I believe that developing media has made it possible for much creative potential in storytelling to create more impactful and engaging experiences. Among other storytelling potentials, I am interested in the way digital and interactive media can be utilized in making traditional cultural tropes relevant to the changing societies and leading to the creative preservation and perpetuation of cultural theatrical and oral forms.


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