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Nayeem Munier



Honours Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communications), York University



Transmedia Storytelling


With a Mass Communications degree from York University, Nayeem spent the last two years working within the humanitarian sector in Bangladesh with the International Organization for Migration.  Constantly looking to evolve, Nayeem has been searching for the perfect balance of creative expression and communication development. He is eager to develop and understand different forms of communication that can also correlate to the Development sector. However, this is only one side to his coin, the other side is the abstract world of creative expression and content creation.For the past 7 years, Nayeem has been working on film and photography projects, and looks forward to the MDM program to enable his creative expressions in the many diverse directions it offers. More specifically, Nayeem is interested in development of content creation and collaboration through multiple Digital Media technologies and apparatus. With special interest in Transmedia storytelling, Nayeem is always looking for ways to share and express stories Internationally, across all forms of technologies, cultures and borders.

Why Digital Media?

Our world -as it evolves alongside technology- continues to adapt in this digital age. This often varies depending of content and industry, however, the undisputable fact is that Digital Media is prominent in every sector - even those not typically associated with media - and to a certain extent, significantly existent in our lives. As a result, education in Digital Media is crucial in getting a foothold in just about any industry, as there are always scope for content creation, dissemination, coordination and examination. With interest in creative expression, Transmedia story-telling, and content development. Digital Media it seems is the perfect way to express our stories and messages to viewers and audiences. The beauty of Digital Media is that it is always open for collaboration, interaction and dissemination: giving people the opportunity to create, collaborate and communication across borders, cultures and most importantly technologies.

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