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Amanda Powell



Bachelor of Arts (Recreation and Business), University of Waterloo



Interactive Experiences & UX Design


Following a brief foray in corporate finance, Amanda boldly followed her passions to the not-for-profit sector. Believing that technology can be an effective catalyst for positive social change, Amanda built her career as a digital marketing strategist for global organizations such as the UN Refugee Agency and Right To Play.

When she isn’t developing digital content strategies, overseeing website overhauls and diving head first into Google Analytics, Amanda can be seen running through the streets of Toronto, training for her next race.

Why Digital Media?

The digital realm offers to many what was once not possible—near limitless access to every corner of the world. As we become more connected to the world around us, we are exposed to more perspectives, approaches, and ways of living that impact the way we see ourselves in this ever-changing landscape. Digital media has the power to unite us through common experience and has the potential to transform the way we think, live and work. These tools offer us an opportunity to understand each other, coordinate our collective actions and offer innovative solutions in response to complex social problems.