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Carly Sugar



Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management), University of Guelph

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Brand Strategy


Carly is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph where she pursued a Bachelor of Commerce Honors with Specialization in Marketing Management. Throughout her studies she developed a passion for combining creativity and technology within the business industry. Carly’s knowledge and unique skillset has led to various work experiences in her field. As a previous intern at a digital advertising agency, she has had experience managing social media accounts, as well as ghost-writing blog posts for The Huffington Post. Carly is determined to synthesize the evolving technological aspect of digital media into the marketing world.

Why Digital Media?

As the world accelerates in this digital age, society demands change, and digital media fights to stay ahead of the curve. Digitization affects the way companies operate, employees learn and society functions. A good company must keep up-to-date with these changes in technology.

Carly believes that the opportunity to learn from Ryerson’s resources and cutting-edge technology has provided her with unprecedented opportunities. With her vast knowledge gained academically and professionally, Carly is excited to make a profound difference in the marketing industry.


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