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Michael Carter

Michael Carter


Bachelor of Technology, Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University

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Graphic Communications Management


Michael is a creative and technical thinker who was born in Richmond Hill and raised in Scarborough. During his undergrad, Michael served as Project Manager of a student led webinar that explained the importance of Guerilla Marketing in advertising. The completed webinar also introduced the concept of utilizing animated optical illusions to help revolutionize Guerilla Marketing in the form of printed media. Upon completing his undergrad in 2015, Michael had worked as a Pressroom Coordinator at a printing facility in Etobicoke, and as a Project Coordinator at FedEx Office. During the summer of 2017, Michael had also worked on the studio sets of the TV shows “Salvation” and “Taken” as a background performer. In his spare time, Michael plays electric guitar, which he has been doing for over 10 years. In addition, Michael likes to build guitars using existing guitar parts, and currently owns 6 electric guitars. He does his own pickup installations, LED modifications, fretboard scalloping and paint jobs, which he has only done for himself, friends and family.

Why Digital Media?

Michael has always been passionate about utilizing specific technologies in an attempt to make large strides in education, exploration, and medical fields. He plans on utilizing the technology of Virtual Reality and combine it with aspects of Augmented Reality in an attempt to help reinvent the way surgical operations are performed. In the end, Michael hopes that his proposal to utilize these technologies will help reduce the fatigue of surgeons and minimize casualties during long and complicated medical procedures.

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