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Jemel Ganal

Jemel Ganal


Honours Bachelor of Arts
Major Book & Media Studies
Minor in Film and English
University of Toronto

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Photography, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Videography, Video Editing


Jemel is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. She majored in Book & Media studies and minored in Film and English. She has a passion for photography, videography and traveling, and is happiest when her passions intertwine. She is a strong communicator and collaborator. She has an eye for connecting talented people together to create beautiful work and loves learning from those who share the same interests as her.

Jemel was a Strategic Marketing Intern/Video Editor for Ganz Studios and the Media Producer for a fashion start up called Urbane Conviction. She has worked with OneChild organization to create a video for a campaign against human trafficking and established and ran Humans of the University of Toronto where she photographed people within her campus in order to build a sense of community. Jemel also does wedding photography and freelance photography for Peace Collective, UofT (Arts and Science Dept.), ivivva by Lululemon, and local Toronto stores.

Jemel is motivated to learn and grow her skills from her goal to one day travel and collaborate with others from around the world.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is such a key component to our every day lives and is a great tool to promote change on a local to global scale. It easily allows for people to interact and collaborate with one another. From a creative point of view, Digital Media makes any project possible. With VR you can travel to a dystopian world and paint in 3D, with Adobe software you can bring to life a doodle you made during lunch, and that is barely scratching the surface. There are countless of creative opportunities with Digital Media, and there is so much that has yet to be discovered and created.

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