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Shaun Housden

Shaun Housden


Bachelor of Arts (Interactive Arts and Sciences) , Brock University

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Project Management, Video, Grame Production, Filmmaking


Shaun is a recent graduate of Brock University's Interactive Arts and Sciences program. While in the IASC program Shaun focused on two of his lifelong passions, cinema and video games. Throughout the 4 year program he was involved in the creation of 3 video game projects and over 10 film projects primarily working as a project manager/producer. As a producer he was able to pick up various skills including but not limited to 3D Modeling, Editing, Scheduling, Marketing and QA Testing.

As well as the various projects that Shaun was able to be a part of he also was able to work with various St. Catherines based entertainment companies. He Interned at Creative Bytes Studios, a local video game studio, where he helped with promotional and production capacities for their newly released game, Embers of Mirrim. As well he was able to work with local film and SFX companies, Fourgrounds Media and Morrow Images, for his final year film, Vice Vice Baby. Finally as his 4th year capstone project, Shaun and his 15 other team members created a first person jousting game called Joustaposition. It received 2nd place people's choice at the annual LevelUp Student Showcase featuring over 87 student teams.

Why Digital Media?

Shaun chose the MDM program to enhance his technological knowledge of new technologies and to improve his business acumen. His belief is that a successful project manager should be able to understand and bridge together the creative, business and technological portions of any project. Because when all three of these are understood and their full potential is reached that's when the final product will be its purest and best.

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