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Assem Kroma

Assem Kroma


BSc. in MIS, BSc. in ISE, and Grad.Cert. in Advanced Filmmaking, in addition to several teaching and technical training certificates.

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Actor, Filmmaker and Transmedia Storyteller


He started performing at a very young age on stage and was involved in numerous plays, TV shows, writing competitions and radio broadcasts. Pursuing his creative passion, he has been involved in many forms of arts: tap dancing, body beats, salsa, tango, classical singing, experimental theatre, musical theatre, method acting, filmmaking, Meisner technique, standup comedy and improvisation. This involvement has lead to numerous outstanding performances and productions.

He won several awards around the world from countries like (UAE, France, Canada ...etc.) with titles of the likes of “Outstanding achievement, excellence, best acting, best directing, best editing, best film ...etc.”. And he is eyeing more to come.

He is the proud founder of Awesome Creative Productions and co-founder of many successful creative initiatives in Dubai.

While being involved in the creative industry, Assem had a passion for sharing knowledge, education and training delivery/management; a field to which he has contributed and excelled at for more than 11 years.

In summary, one of the closest description he had received was by a yoga master (Yogi) who described him as an explosive creative energy with the healer power, so stay tuned for an artistic creative storm that is about to start.

Why Digital Media?

Assem belongs to a new generation of filmmakers. He has a passion for all of its forms, starting from photochemical films and ending with the VR 360 films. He is currently researching in the fields of new media, interactive and transmedia storytelling. He believes that the filmmaking scene is about to have a new creative turn, that requires technically equipped filmmakers who can take the challenge on and keep sharing their art with the public.


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