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Nada Marzouk

Nada Marzouk


Digital Enterprise Management, University of Toronto Mississauga

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Digital Marketer & Technology Enthusiast


Nada is passionate about digital marketing and in finding ways to intertwine technology into our daily lives. Her experience in both small to medium sized businesses has provided her with a wealth of marketing knowledge and skill that have made impactful results. Nada completed her undergraduate studies in the Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) program from the University of Toronto. As an active member in her program, she was enthusiastically involved in the DEM Society as a Social Media Correspondent for two years and a social media manager in the Young Entrepreneurs Challenge. 

After completing her undergrad at UTM and working at a startup for six months, she decided that she wanted international experience abroad and moved to Egypt for two years. She worked as a Digital Marketing Communications Specialist, at one of the leading global telecommunication companies, Vodafone International Services (VIS) in Cairo, Egypt. Also known as the ‘Digital Guru’ at Vodafone, which has given her solid exposure in digital marketing in the corporate environment. She was responsible for developing strategies to enhance Vodafone’s digital brand identity. By establishing and launching their new website and marketing their products around the globe, she gained solid experience in both offline & online marketing.

Why Digital Media?

Nada enjoys networking and working with entrepreneurs on new technologies, she thinks this is an excellent opportunity to grow in the digital space here at Ryerson. She is a true believer that the digital influence today is reshaping marketing and how businesses operate. Nada is interested in advancing her technical skills and knowledge in the latest digital concepts, including artificial and cognitive intelligence, robotics process automation, social media and corporate social networks. She looks forward to meeting new people with whom she can collaborate with and gain inspiration from.

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