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Ali Eren Ozcan

Ali Eren Ozcan


Sabanci University - BSc. Materials Science and Nanoengineering - Minor Chemistry

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Content Creation, Video Production


Ali is an artist-engineer from Turkey, who changed his career path from engineering but maintained and combined his skills with his new ambitions. Ali graduated from Materials Science and Nanoengineering as a researcher but later he discovered his passion in communications. He changed his path to digital marketing and worked in sales department managing an e-commerce account for a corporate company. Afterwards he wanted to discover more, so he attended several seminars to improve himself and widen his horizon. He started evolving new abilities such as video production, editing and digital content development. After working with several companies and Youtube channels, he decided to continue his passion within the limitless world of digital media.

Ali was a pro tennis player for seven years, he is a car enthusiast,a racing driver competed in Turkey and overall a sports lover who tries to experience various extreme sports. This background taught him how to deal with stress, competition, self-control and learning from failures while keeping his "never surrender" attitude.

This background allowed Ali to imagine a future career as an entrepreneur. He is developing himself in various topics, focuses on his passion to create innovative projects to convey a positive energy and brighten the lives of individuals.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media has changed and will continue to change the world drastically. Entrepreneurs in this field reach audiences, of once impossible sizes and compositions, to offer entertainment and instruction. On this globally interactive platform, I envision a role for myself as an artist-engineer; as an individual who is both aware of the need for a superior functioning product as well as an awareness of its applicability to end users. With every product I create and develop, I seek to motivate people, take them away from their daily stress and enable them to have a positive outlook on life. Digital Media is the place to pursue the path for the impossible, create the things that others say you can't; which is why I am chasing this dream!


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