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Larissa Peros

Larissa Peros


Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Cultural Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University Exchange Program: Business Administration and Export Oriented Management at IMC University Krems, Austria

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Transmedia Storytelling


As a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Larissa studied both Communications and Cultural Studies to create a foundation that would be adaptable to any creative or business environment. Pairing her passions for volunteering and leadership, Larissa was involved in a variety of student clubs, ranging from Women in Leadership Laurier to Right to Play. She built a rapport with students with similar interests and set goals to solve issues we see locally and worldwide.

While completing her degree, she spent a semester studying in a small town outside of Vienna, Austria and travelling through Europe. She expanded her learning outside of the four traditional walls of a classroom. She was intrigued by cultural interactions in different countries and how backpackers communicated with a language barrier. This sparked her interest in transmedia storytelling, as she created a blog to communicate with her family and friends back home. Being able to share her experiences through platforms like Wordpress and Instagram made storytelling effortless and gave purpose to her travelling.

Why Digital Media?

Many projects Larissa has taken on have involved a creative and entrepreneurial element. She is heavily influenced by our digital culture, and is eager to learn new ways to showcase her findings in a more interactive platform. She believes Digital Media has redesigned how we face our everyday lives, as using these platforms have become a daily ritual for her. Larissa looks forward to furthering her understanding of Communication and Cultural Studies on an international level and in a more technology driven environment.

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