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Nadia Rassoul

Nadia Rassoul


Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management), York University

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Social Media Management


Nadia is your average bird of passage. Her childhood was never stationed in one geographical location, which she is now thankful for as it has given her a sense of wanderlust. Originally from Iraq, Nadia moved to Canada and England before settling in Jordan for the majority of her teen years. When it was time for her to pursue education post-high school, Nadia moved back to Canada where she began and finished her Bachelors degree. Possessing a multicultural background has given Nadia a perspective of how one can learn so much from one another around the world. Nadia studied Business Management throughout her undergrad, and whilst she did well, she knew this wasn’t necessarily what her future was focused on. Through electives and extra-curricular, she grew a love for all things digital! Nadia’s colleagues, professors and friends unanimously commented on her diligence to be better in every aspect of her professional and academic carer. An incredibly social personality, led Nadia to join and volunteer at several organizations. She also led Communications and Marketing for one of York University’s largest associations! This included everything from a-z; sponsorship, outreach, social media management, advertisement, photography.

Why Digital Media?

Technology plays a massive role in my life throughout my travels. It has given me the chance to document all my experiences, and share them online with the world. The digital field has been an interest of mine for several years, and I am extremely happy to finally be immersed in the field! By now, we all know that the Internet has taken over our lives, and with digital media we are able to maximize it’s use. The specific field that I am interested in pursuing is social media management. I thoroughly enjoy content management and developing companies’ social sites. I love to learn the voice of the company and apply that through my posts. Analytics, and learning how to expand outreach is something I aspire to learn in this program. Thinking from a business perspective – there are several benefits from the combination of digital media and business, such as learning about the customer and who you are targeting, increasing brand awareness, improving brand loyalty, and to communicate with customers directly. Social media is easily accessible and is the form of communication in today’s world – a major pro for the business world. The reason I want to pursue social media management is to combine what I have learned academically in my management courses and the marketing and media skills I have learned through my experiences.

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