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Shelly Sicat

Shelly-Ginelle Sicat


BSc in Computer Science, Concentration in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, University of Calgary

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UX/UI Design, Software Development (Java, JavaScript, Python, C++), Web Development (HTML5, CSS, PHP, Wordpress), Graphic Design, Videography


Shelly is a software engineer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She specializes in front-end development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, content creation and effective user adoption.


Shelly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with concentrations in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction. The combination of her two concentrations intersects the technical and creative components in software development and further focuses on user adoption and social engagement. Upon completing her degree, Shelly published a research paper “Playing the Mirror Game with a Humanoid: Probing the Social Aspects of Switching Interaction Roles” which focused on human-robot collaboration. As a cherry on top of her degree, she then flew to Lisbon, Portugal to present her team’s research at the RO-MAN 2017 Conference.


Alongside her studies, Shelly had volunteered and worked within the tech industry – as a Ladies Learning Code mentor, a Chic Geek social media manager, an intern at TransAlta Corporation, and a tech and lifestyle enthusiast on YouTube. With the transition of moving to Toronto, Shelly continues to exercise her design, content creation and software development skills as she now manages the @ryersonMDM Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, and volunteers with a 3+ team to redesign and manage the content of the RyersonMDM website.


In each of her endeavors, Shelly strives to exercise her passion for technology, stays curious by learning from like-minded individuals, and consequently motivates others to do the same. By pursuing her Masters in Digital Media, she continues to pursue her passion and ultimately aims to share it through UX/UI design and software development.

Why Digital Media?

Digital media is plural, it encompasses the tools individuals can use to communicate our ideas, to a friend, to a class, or better yet to a global audience. Understanding the vast capabilities of digital media and the way in which it can be manipulated to fit different businesses’ needs, is a valuable skill that can be transferrable to any industry.