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Marta Sosynski

Marta Sosynski


She graduated from the University of Windsor with a B{AH} Degree in English Language and Literature and Creative Writing & Psychology. Completed a Certificate Program with The Chang School in Publishing.

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Social Media Marketing / Graphic Design / Video Editing


Marta first started writing in grade seven, completing a few fiction novels by the end of high school, after the first was rejected by a publisher. Being quiet and reserved, writing served (and continues to serve) as an emotional outlet, allowing her to express ideas, thoughts, and angsty teenage feelings on paper where she struggled (and still struggles) to coherently string together out loud.

Having no idea what she wanted to do in the future, it was Marta's passion for writing that spurred her into pursuing it in University, along with having a general fascination in how people think and view the world. Writing was also linked to her beginnings and self taught motivation in graphic design, where she first created fictional book covers on Photoshop for yet-to-be-finished manuscripts.

Continuing to expand her knowledge base, Marta first volunteered her talents -- particularly in graphic design, video editing and publishing -- towards a non-profit Polish folk dance ensemble that she also participated in. Marta's showcased projects from the Ensemble allowed her to become further recognized in her community, where she continued to help coordinate and complete publication projects, assisted and co-managed social media for a few Polish community-based organizations in the city, and completing a marketing research internship for the Capitol Theatre in Windsor. Marta recently completed a certification in Publishing, focusing on her passions for Book Design, Marketing and Publicity, where she hopes to further pursue her career in.

Why Digital Media?

The process of translating experience and varying perspectives through an unlimited stream of quickly advancing technology and media fascinates her. Digital Media encompasses a wide spectrum of mediums which allow for individual creativity and expression, while allowing that same expression to be widely accessible and available to anyone, anywhere. It stands as a new future of storytelling and information-sharing made accessible beyond pen-and-paper. Marta is motivated to learn more from others, looks forward to advancing her current skill set, and allowing herself to learn more from those directly and indirectly around her.