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Katlynn Sverko

Katlynn Sverko


Ryerson University - Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries (2017)

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Creative and Business Strategy


With a background in both business and the creative industries as a whole, Katlynn has developed a unique set problem solving techniques, which has leant itself to her interest in entrepreneurship.

In May of 2017, Katlynn took her aptitude and understanding of entrepreneurship to a new level. Katlynn co-founded a company that aims to help startups make their ideas a reality, Plaid Shorts. Plaid Shorts covers every need for a fledgling business. They design, develop, and deploy minimum-viable-products, while giving the aspiring entrepreneur the best chance at success. Katlynn is currently acting as Business Development Lead, wherein she creates strategic partnerships, manages clients, negotiates partnerships, and sources funding.

Katlynn loves to work on anything and everything to do with imagination and entrepreneurship. Film is her passion, creativity is her specialty, and she loves to keep busy. Katlynn is always looking for opportunities to grow.

Why Digital Media?

Digital Media is more relevant than ever. It is present in essentially every workplace and home space, whether or not its presence is felt. The ability to combine her creative and business acumen with tangible skills in the digital realm is of particular interest. The interdisciplinary approach of the MDM program will lend itself to her pursuits as an entrepreneur and digital creator. Katlynn also hopes to gain knowledge of hard skills, such as digital media design, and physical computing.

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