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Nathan Whitbourne

Slack Daddy


University of Calgary, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies, Concentration in Digital Art



Creative Strategy and Content Creation


Nathan Whitbourne is a creative strategist and content creator. He is a curious creative who is passionate about researching and building human-centric design, bringing foresight and innovation into emerging culture.

Starting out as a visual artist, Nathan used an ethnographic approach to conceptualize how perspective plays an important role in our everyday lives. After moving to Toronto, Nathan started to focus on technology, and how it is an extension of culture and art. Currently, he works as a marketing strategist for Ryerson Music Den, external link, an incubation program for entrepreneurs focused on the music industry. He firmly believes that our present digital age has made technology a native force for pushing culture forward.

Why Digital Media?

I am excited by the challenge of researching how people consume digital technology, and seeing how we can design a healthier digital age. We live in the time of the “digital native,” where digital technology isn’t solely a substitute for real life, but informs the thoughts, dreams, and interactions of individuals and collective identities.

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