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Albert Yuou Liu

Albert Yuou Liu


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Film & Media, Queen’s University 


Videographer, cinematographer and video editor- A literal one-man team when it comes to filming. 


“Become the best potential you that you can be” is the motto that Albert gave himself at age 19 or 20, and is still continuing everyday to push himself, test his limits and break his limits so he’ll come back stronger. Albert recently graduated from Queen’s University earning his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Film & Media along with being placed on the Dean’s Honour List in 2019 for his academic achievements. However, Albert didn’t always major in film & media, he changed his major from economics to film as he experienced difficulty with calculus in 2018, his 2nd year winter term and has graduated on time as planned with his fellow film & media cohort class of 2020. Looking back now he does not regret his decision as a filmmaker empowered him to reach higher heights, pushed him well beyond his limits of creativity and has incentivized him to create meaningful films that aim to inspire, motivate and give food for thought to his viewers. In Albert’s down time he can be seen (though harder during the pandemic) doing personal film projects as a literal one-man team and/or creating opportunities either freelancing and/or collaborating with others, to test and and break his limits. 

Why Digital Media?

Albert is a mission oriented person. He realizes that a film degree alone won’t suffice in the age of digitizing everything, in particular media. Albert has made it his mission to not only earn his Master’s degree in Digital Media but to also master (pun intended, he loves his puns and memes) the skill sets and knowledge gained from his classes and put them to good use in the film industry, his personal life and eventually the education system. 



@albertliu888 (personal)

@albertliu888_photos_film (business/work oriented)

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