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Ali Pordeli

Ali Pordeli


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, Jacksonville University • Graduate Certificate in Web Technologies, Harvard University 


Web application design & development, UI/UX design, Animation, technical  illustration. 


Ali Pordeli is the co-founder and the general manager at QooQee LLC. He  partnered with several large-scale tech companies such as Adobe. He was a  speaker at Adobe MAX creativity conference for three years and held multiple  web development workshops. He has been interviewed by several publications  such as Forbes magazine on the web design and development subject. He is  currently leading a team of designers and developers to design and develop  extensibility products for various platforms such as Adobe XD.  

Ali has a background in animation and illustration. He animated several short  animations, including 25 episodes of two-dimensional animation shorts. He also  illustrated half a dozen children's books and made numerous commercial and  educational illustrations for Adobe TV. 


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