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Chelsea Vernhout

Chelsea Vernhout


Bachelor of Professional Communication, Minor in Sport Marketing, Ryerson University


Photography, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Producing, Social Media, Videography, Research


I recently earned my bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication with a minor in Sport Marketing at Ryerson University. My goal is to build a career in marketing and content production in the sport industry.

I have spent the past 4 years developing my toolkit by working in various positions in sport. I worked for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League where I had the opportunity to wear various hats assisting with PR communications, marketing and sponsorship. This is where I got my start in graphic design and I have been able to excel at my designs working with Ryerson Athletics. Currently, I hold five part-time jobs that range between working in game operations, photography, content production, social media and marketing. My current employers include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC, Toronto Argos, and the National Hockey League. This summer I was offered the opportunity to wear the Executive Producer hat where I oversee the Digital Management of SportTokz With SportProfz and participate in the creative effort, from attracting/scheduling panel talent, scripting, marketing, advisory and supervising capacities. Other responsibilities include brand management, marketing, website admin, video post-production, podcast production and digital graphics. 

I am driven through storytelling and creating unique experiences via digital content and live entertainment. I believe my valued quality is that I am always eager to learn new skills and improve on the ones I have with new ideas.

Why Digital Media?

The MDM program is a great fit for me because the course structure allows me to study a variety of topics that I was previously exposed to in my undergrad program. While I am determined to pursue a career in sport, I am still curious to find a specific job type. MDM offers me the opportunity to learn and practice aspects I am particularly interested in, ranging from business, digital media and marketing, and leadership. Moreover, I will be exposed to areas of digital media that I have not yet been able to extensively learn about, such as entrepreneurship, programming code, and social media marketing. I believe that it is important to have knowledge and experience in all facets of digital media and business because understanding how each side contributes to the effectiveness of a campaign or management strategy as an example, enables a professional to generate a successful project.

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