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Emad Saedi

Emad Saedi


  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Kharazmi University, 2013-2017
  • Hans Zimmer Film Scoring Course, MasterClass
  • Independent Music Studies


Storytelling, Music Production, Marketing, Business Development, Content Creation


Emad is a musician and business developer. He is passionate about storytelling. As a well-rounded person with professional experience in diverse fields such as journalism and content creation, marketing and business development, and music, he sees no boundaries for creativity.

He started his career as a tech journalist when he was only 16 years old by writing reports and articles for the leading IT media of Iran, Peivast, and Digiato. Emad earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at Kharazmi University where he learned how to design, analyze, manage, and optimize systems and organizations. worked on the feasibility study of a multimedia content production business as his undergraduate research project followed by founding a startup called Monish. It failed. However, it became a ladder towards his business development career. He has been a member of the Iranian startup community and served two successful Iranian startups, Digiato and Mehrabane, as a business developer.

Emad had been learning the piano since he was 14 years old. He learned piano performance and music theory from great musicians and academic instructors like Maestro Raphael Minaskanian, Behnam Abolghasem, and Tengiz Shavlokhashvili, to name a few. His passion for creating led him to compose and produce music later. After taking part in Hans Zimmer’s Film Scoring MasterClass, he decided to quit his job, focus on telling stories with music, and empower other artists. Besides his independent works, he has composed the original soundtrack for several podcasts and a short film so far.

Why Digital Media?

Emad is trying to find common ground among music, storytelling, and technology to empower artists to create a unique experience for their audience by digital means. He believes that the Master of Digital Media program at Ryerson University is the best place for implementing interdisciplinary creative ideas.


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