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Emily Soldano

Emily Soldano


Bachelor of Design – Graphic Design, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)


Branding, Photography, Videography 


Emily Soldano is a Toronto based designer and photographer. She has just graduated with her bachelor’s degree in graphic design. She has a small photography business and loves the new people she gets to meet through her work. She has a real appreciation for communication design. During her bachelor’s thesis project, she created a hybrid between graphic design and social / environmental design to tackle how the use and development of our soft skills has declined dramatically in the 21st century since the intense increase of technology in our lives. Her approach included interactive design and public installations. The interactive elements to the project allowed participants to interact with their soft skills in a “play” environment through given prompts. 

Why Digital Media?

Emily’s goal upon completing the Master of Digital Media is to walk away with new practical and theoretical skills in communication design and a better approach to research. Her overall hope is that I will be able to create a thesis project through design that can make a social change.