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Katelyn O'Brien

Katelyn O'Brien


  • University of Guelph | Bachelor of Applied Arts, 2019 
  • Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learned | Diploma in Media Communications, 2019 


2SLGBTQ+ representation in children’s animation, Media Literacy, Illustration, Multimedia storytelling and Art. 


Katelyn is a passionate consumer and creator of all things media. During her undergrad, Katelyn spent her time incorporating multimedia story-telling in many of the projects she undertook. After graduating, Katelyn transitioned from student to instructor, teaching Media Literacy, Digital Design and Art to youth aged 3 to 18. Alongside teaching, Katelyn does custom digital and physical illustrations for clients throughout Canada. Katelyn is an animated television enthusiast, seeing the medium as the gateway for universal representation and limitless imagination for all individuals. In her spare time you can find Katelyn hunched over an art project, listening to music, petting dogs, or spending time with her loved ones. 

Why Digital Media? 

For Katelyn, digital media is a world of opportunity. Through MDM, Katelyn’s hopes to research 2SLGBTQ+ representation in children’s animation and explore the overall potential of the medium. Katelyn is hoping to find a way to visually present her findings in a multimedia piece. 


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