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Lexi Wright

Lexi Wright


Bachelor of Communication – Journalism, Mount Royal University 


Digital Marketing, Digital Storytelling, Videography, Photography 


After spending a month abroad in Ireland during her Bachelor of Communication degree, Lexi fell in love with storytelling, visual communications and soda bread. In 2017, Lexi was awarded the Canadian Association of Journalism Student Excellence Award for her collaboration on investigative journalism project, Closing Midfield, external link. She also received the 2018 Emerge Media Award which recognized her photography on the Closing Midfield project. 

Lexi has since worked professionally in both corporate and agency environments, producing a variety of creative marketing campaigns for clients including Baby Gourmet (Canada’s leading brand of organic baby food company), ATB Financial, Red Deer Public School District and Canadian owned jewelry brand, Hillberg & Berk. She currently maintains a special passion for freelance projects, dog-friendly offices and HBO television shows. 

Why Digital Media?

Lexi’s current research interest is on the cultural phenomenon of dating apps and how they have affected dating culture, particularly during the aftermath of COVID-19. Ryerson’s MDM program will combine her digital storytelling and technical skills to explore research in this area.

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