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Lillian Chan

Lillian Chan


Diploma in Classical Animation, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning 


IP Development, Production Design, 2D Animation Filmmaking


Lillian Chan is a Toronto-based animation filmmaker and creative director. Over the last 15 years, she has had the privilege of creating and collaborating on a variety of projects, many of which fall outside of the usual commercial studio fare.  From auteur films to educational pieces, multi-disciplinary works, and even independent features -- no two pieces were ever the same. The creative processes taken to achieve those final works is what Lillian thrives upon.

More recently, Lillian created Yumi and Boom, external link, an episodic VR prototype for the CFC Medialab.  This prototype teaches self-regulation and mindfulness techniques through stories about Yumi & Boom’s friendship in an interactive VR space.  Lillian hopes to continue exploring IP development for the health sector, especially as it pertains to Digital Therapeutics for children’s therapy. 

Why Digital Media?

Lillian hopes to learn more about the digital media landscape, continue her research with therapists to understand their needs, and, potentially, create a new IP that acts as a proof-of-concept for her business plan.


Instagram: @lilchdoodle